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What’s My Workplace Wellness Program?

by Maria Koropecky, Homespunspa Owner.

I’ve been encouraging people to start their own workplace wellness programs for years and I truly believe that being proactive about your health and wellness is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

So, as a self-employed wellness professional with a mobile spa and a wellness coaching business, I practice what I preach and I have my own workplace wellness program that I follow.

we in wellness.

On top of practicing daily self-care by going on wellness walks, using aromatherapy, eating good quality foods, meditating, and going to bed at a reasonable hour to get my beauty sleep, 🙂 I also go to other holistic practitioners for their services.

1) Group Personal Training with Jeanette

Once a week on Tuesdays, I go to a group personal training session with my favourite personal trainer, Jeanette, and four other women. One week we all showed up wearing similar workout clothes and the colour choices of teal, navy, and violet were like a variation on a theme and it was like we were there for a fitness magazine photo shoot!

The workouts are really intense and the hour just flies by! Jeanette comes up with new activities every week and no two workouts are ever the same. We use weights, medicine balls, TRX ropes, and all kinds of other pieces of equipment, and there’s also a healthy dose of cardio and stretching. Joining a small fitness group makes working out more affordable and fun and if you’re interested in working with Jeanette, please visit her website, Fit in Motion and tell her I sent you!

2) Group Acupuncture with Melissa

I’ve also just recently added Acupuncture treatments to my workplace wellness program. I heard about this place called Hemma from two different people who don’t know each other as far as I know and I thought that was a sign for me to try it out. Hemma offers community acupuncture which means you share the space with others during your treatment, making the process more affordable and efficient.

I have a long laundry list of symptoms I’m working on but mostly they’re all stress related. I have noticed that I’m carrying less tension in my shoulders today. It’s amazing how our bodies are wired and how one point is connected to another area of the body and likewise, when one person receives a healing treatment, other people around them benefit also just by association. It’s really amazing to make that connection!

I think for me, joining small groups is the best approach and I highly recommend finding wellness businesses in your city that may offer similar services to what I’m doing. We’re social creatures after all and we’re not meant to do everything in isolation by ourselves all the time. It’s way more fun to share experiences with other people!

And come to think of it, that’s why we offer spa parties at Homespunspa Mobile Spa. We’re the spa party specialists in Victoria, BC!

In Homespunspa Mobile Spa Parties, our estheticians and spa therapists come to your homes, hotels, and offices all over the Greater Victoria area and we have a Mini Spa Menu that has been designed especially for Spa Parties and groups. We offer mini mani’s, mini pedi’s, mini facials, mini massages and more. Each service lasts around 30 minutes so everyone can have a turn and you can mix and match the spa treatments however you like.

So even if you’re self-employed like I am or work on a small team, there are still lots of ways to create or boost your workplace wellness program. What do you have in place? Let me know in the comments.

And if you’re looking to add mobile spa services or chair massage or wellness coaching to your workplace wellness program, please contact me, Maria, and let’s talk. Let’s create a customized workplace wellness solution that works best for you!

Maria Koropecky is a spa therapist and writer who specializes in helping people relax and manage stress. To make a mobile spa appointment, please visit www.Homespunspa.com.

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