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How do Swedes Sleep in Summer? Part 2

How does a Swede sleep in summer? To answer this deep, philosophical question,
I decided to go straight to the source — Facebook. I have two friends who are currently living in Sweden, one is a native and one just moved there, and they said it was OK for me to post their wisdom on my blog.

This is what Erik said:

The solstice celebration is our most beloved (and heathen) event all year. Noone has any trouble sleeping given that the celebration is coupled with eating small pieces of herring, singing, and drinking unhealthy amounts of schnapps. Most people literally fall into deep sleep regardless of the light. If for some reason, one is awake it’s because of love. Either one is in love and with the person and doesn’t need sleep. Or one is unhappily in love and can’t sleep because of that reason, no matter how light or dark. Further, we generally don’t sleep as much in the summer. We maybe cut an hour or two off the our regular sleep. There’s too much fun to be had. So, you see, we solve the light question by pragmatics.

Kidding aside, we are quite used to the changing seasons and varying light conditions. We are taught early to sleep in a cool (north facing – architectural know how), dark (dark black window shades – IKEA has em), and well ventilated (window open) room. That and going to bed at regular times does the trick.

And this is what Roma said:

All is well here. Finally it is warmer and sunny outside, and so I’ve been trying to make the most of the nice weather. I couldn’t think of any clever tips to get a good nights sleep, and I asked a few people, but no one had anything special to say. What I DO suggest though, and what everyone here in Sweden uses, are blackout blinds. When the sun rises at 3:30 am and sets at 11, and the rest of the *night is barely dark, the blinds REALLY come in handy. Swedes also use two duvet covers instead of one. What I mean by that (and you could probably see it on the IKEA (SWEDEN) website in the bedroom photos), is that they take one duvet and fold it in half, and place it on one side of the bed, and do the same on the other. That way you can have your own and not have to fight over the covers in the middle of the night with your partner. I think that that’s a great idea. They then cover both duvets with some throw or something so that it looks uniform.

Not sure if that helped any, but they are definitely two things I’ve noticed here.

Funny. Both of them mentioned IKEA. But neither of them mentioned ABBA.

I think having a North-facing bedroom is good because northern light is a little bit bluer and cooler than the others which might make sleeping in summer easier. I also think that double-duvet idea is brilliant. It solves an age old tug of war. I don’t know why the rest of us don’t do that — but I’m sure someone out there is going to try it.

Thank you so much Roma and Erik for your enlightening thoughts! Skål!

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  1. Giddy says:

    They do the 2-duvet thing in Lithuania, too, and after my mom saw it, she started doing it at home too. I’m not sure it lasted, but I know she tried. My dad probably just thought, My wife is so weird…..

  2. Weird? More like brilliant:>

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