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Amoeba, Candida and Spirochaetes, Oh My!

by Maria Koropecky, Homespunspa owner

I’m one week into my Homespunspa Wellness Tour and I’ve already learned so much. Last Friday, I had the chance to attend Dr. Oksana Sawiak’s Periodontology seminar. The seminar is geared to dentists who are interested in learning new approaches to treating gum disease and although I’m not a dentist, I do have teeth 🙂 and I was fascinated by the topic.

Wellness Starts in the Mouth

The first thing I learned was: wellness in the body starts in the mouth. The mouth is the gateway to the rest of the body and it also mirrors what’s going on in the body. (The same thing can be said about your skin, hair, and eyes, however, because they also reflect the general health of the body). So if you have gum disease, for example, it’s likely you have other health issues elsewhere in your body. The good news is, if you treat the gum disease, then your overall health and wellness will also improve and you may even prevent the development of more serious illnesses in the future.

What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease is also known as Gingivitis, Pyorrhea, Periodontitis, Periodontal Pockets, Gum Recession, or Trenchmouth, in its most severe form. Sadly, 80% of North American adults suffer from some degree of gum disease. If not treated, you can lose your teeth. Often times, people opt for gum surgery to heal this infection, but as I learned from Dr. Oksana, there are other treatments available these days that are less destructive.

How do you Know if you have Gum Disease?

You might suspect you have a gum infection if:

  • Your gums bleed or swell,
  • Your teeth are loose or are shifting,
  • You experience a sour or salty taste in your mouth,
  • You have the ever-popular morning breath,
  • You feel like there’s something stuck between your teeth, even after flossing,
  • You have heart problems, Diabetes or any other chronic illness,
  • You are scheduled to have a professional teeth cleaning appointment every 3 to 4 months.

If you ignore your symptoms and go ahead and have your hygienist clean your teeth, the infection in your mouth can spread into your blood stream, which will allow the pathogens to settle in a weak spot, like your heart valve, your pancreas or your reproductive organs, which can lead to heart problems, Diabetes and fertility issues. Oddly, many people report that the feel like they have the flu after dental cleanings and that is a sign that their gum infection has travelled throughout their body. To avoid this feeling, it’s better to treat your gum infection first and then go ahead with your teeth cleaning appointment once it’s all cleared up.

Microscopic Imaging of Dental Plaque

It’s one thing to have symptoms; it’s another thing to see the science behind the scenes. During the seminar, Dr. Oksana showed us what buylevitra plaque looks like under a microscope and my jaw dropped. Seeing microscopic images of live dental plaque on a screen was like looking at a city on Google Earth! It was a whole new world.

To prepare for the slide collection, we were asked to let our plaque “mature” by not flossing or brushing for 24 hours before the seminar or eating spicy, citrus or salty food or drinking any alcohol. It was all I could do not to brush my teeth that morning!

One of the visiting dentists took a sample of my plaque from around the gum line of the teeth and placed it on a microscopic slide. Once the slide was placed under the microscope, we were able to see all kinds of activity and I had a really good lesson in biology (a grade 10 class I vaguely remember).

Each slide we viewed was filled with activity and information. It’s hard to know what you’re looking for on a slide and to understand the lay of the land, but after a while, the patterns start to become more noticeable in the terrain. Dr. Oksana said, “Start with the lakes and work from there.” We identified (still living) things like Spirochaetes, Candida and Bacteria on the slides. We didn’t see any red blood cells because it just so happened that no blood was drawn but we were able to identify some white blood cells .

White blood cells are pretty easy to spot and seeing them provides a really big clue because the body sends white blood cells to fight off an invading enemy and to heal an infection. They are the “soldiers” of the body, so, if there are white blood cells present, then there must be an enemy like, for instance, an Amoeba nearby. Unfortunately, white blood cells are powerless against Amoebas and Amoebas take the nucleus from the white blood cells, are fed and nourished and are able to carry on while the white blood cells die off. 🙁

The Amoeba is a parasite and parasites are ultimately the core issue behind gum disease. Therefore, you have to kill the parasites in order to treat gum disease. Make sense?

If you’d like to see your own live microscopic “Amoeba, Candida and Spirochaetes, Oh My!” show, you’re welcome to make an appointment with Dr. Oksana in the Integrative Wellness and Detox Clinic in Norval, Ontario. She also knows of 12 other dentists who are doing this type of work in Canada and who have a microscope in their dental office. If that’s not convenient and you suspect you have gum disease and want to treat it naturally, you have options and there is hope and I will describe the treatment protocols in my next blog post, coming soon.

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  1. Great little read! Wish dentists in Australia did this.
    I’ve just been diagnosed with D Fragilis Protozoa (amoeba), perhaps that’s why my mouth is trashed.

    1. Thanks for the comment Troyza. You might be able to find a few holistic dentists in Australia. If not, look for a parasite cleanse tea and tincture based on a Hulda Clarke formulation and you’ll heal your mouth in a few months. Maria

  2. Alicia says:

    Hi there – great post….I was hoping to read about your treatment protocols but could not find the subsequent post. Can you please help me locate it?

    thanks so much!

    1. Hi Alicia, Thanks for your comment. For the treatment protocols, please visit and email Dr. Oksana through her website. She advises using Dr. Hulda Clark’s tincture among other things. Good luck. Maria

  3. Paul says:

    I have just been treated by a dental hygienist in Margate (near Brisbane, AUS), she tested my mouth in the way suggested above, and found amoeba in my mouth! Now have to try and treat the rainwater tank!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Paul. This is very common. I hope your dental hygienist gave you some sort of treatment protocol that you can follow. You might also try to see if you can find someone who makes Dr. Hulda Clarke’s tincture. Take care, Maria

  4. […] Dental Health Month — Please read my blog post, “Amoeba, Candida and Spirochaetes, Oh My!” […]

  5. To really succeed in killing these parasites it is wise to do a gentle parasite cleanse for up to year I do MMS and DMSO soak in my mouth and the rinse my mouth our good then before going to bed I used a parasite cleanser I bought on amazon paraguard with dmso

  6. Jenny Mister says:

    I’ve heard the best way to get rid of the bacteria is to put a combo of salt and water in the tank of a Water Pic device and gently clean your teeth with it. You can also put a special type of iodine in it.
    Before all that though, you see a dentist that uses a microscope to first see if you have any amoebas, then cleaning your teeth making sure to remove any bacteria.
    Do I look under the holistic dentists category to find the right type of dentists that would do the microscope thing?

    1. Hi Jenny, thanks for commenting. Yes, look under holistic dentists. You’ll be surprised at how much better you’ll feel after your dental visits. Maria

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