Is 2016 Your Year To Quit Smoking?

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by Maria Koropecky, Wellness Coach
Wellness Coach, Maria

Wellness Coach, Maria

Is 2016 your year to quit smoking cigarettes?

While I was at the hair salon getting more pink in my hair, :)   I was flipping through a magazine and I saw an ad for organic cigarettes. First of all, I thought that advertising cigarettes had been outlawed for some time in Canada and second, I was wondering if there is such a person as a health-conscious smoker who would be interested in that product?

The next day, I decided to apply for a Life Coaching job at a wellness resort in Arizona and one of the questions on the application was, “Do you use tobacco products?” (because it is our policy not to hire anyone who does). First, I thought, is it legal to make hiring decisions based on smoking habits?

It probably is legal and if you were to challenge that premise in court as a smoker, you probably wouldn’t win but I think it also depends on the nature of the hiring organization. I don’t think an IT company would care one way or the other if they have smokers on staff but a wellness retreat is an entirely different story.

So I thought about why this wellness resort would be so strict about hiring non-smokers and this is what I came up with:

  • cigarette butts create unsightly garbage on the property that someone else needs to monitor and clean up.
  • cigarette smoke can be seen and smelled from a distance so guests of the property may notice.
  • the smell of stale cigarettes lingers on fingers, hair, and clothes which may interfere with customer service.
  • smoking cigarettes may make the smoker more prone to allergies and colds which may lead to frequent sick days.
  • smoking may mean that a person is stressed which goes against the relaxed philosophy of a wellness retreat.
  • smoking may mean that a person does not practice self-care which reflects poorly on the individual and the company they work for.
  • the wellness retreat is promoting health and wellness and it would be out of integrity to not expect those standards from staff members who are providing the healing services for their paying clientelle.

I’m sure there are many more reasons for installing a non-smoking policy for staff members at a wellness retreat and if you’re a smoker, I hope that gives you something to think about.

Also, if you have missed any opportunities like working at a wellness resort or going on a date with someone because of your smoking habit and you’re tired of those consequences showing up in your life, than maybe 2016 will be your year to finally quit the cigarette smoking habit!

If that’s true and you are considering the idea of smoking your last cigarette by choice by the end of 2016, please strike while the iron is hot, so to speak, and call or email me, Maria, to talk. As a wellness coach, I can help. I specialize in helping people manage stress (which is usually part of the smoking habit) and I can also be your accountability partner as well. Also, my coaching may help you get to your imagined future of being a non-smoker within a year from now!

I hope you give quitting smoking some thought.

In the meantime, please buy a copy of my ebook, Creating Wellness, from Amazon and thanks if you do.

I wrote this ebook because I believe high levels of stress are lurking behind the scenes of many, if not all, illnesses, and managing stress is a big piece of the healthy lifestyle puzzle.

Creating Wellness includes practical tips to help people manage their stress and therefore prevent chronic illnesses from showing up in the first place.

The good news is, there’s still time to make small lifestyle changes today — like quitting smoking, exercising more, fueling the body with more nutritious food, getting regular massages, establishing healthy sleep habits, and speaking your truth – that will save everyone tremendous expense and suffering later.

Many illnesses are preventable and being healthy means having the freedom to do whatever you want with your life.

Quitting smoking doesn’t have to be hard but it does require a whole-hearted decision. If you’re ready to be a non-smoker, I hope to walk beside you on your journey toward health and wellness.

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