Best Crystal for Transformation: Lapis Lazuli

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by Maria Koropecky, Coach, Healer, Author

In my short story ebook, The Call of the Lapis Lazuli, I tell the story of the moment before I was even born, when I first met with my mystical mentor, my Guardian Angel, Caliel, to inspire my readers to consider their own life’s purpose, potential, and calling, and if you’re interested, you can find my ebook on Amazon.

Here’s the inspiration for the story, my own lapis lazuli stone. Isn’t it beautiful? I love the colour of the golden pyrite flecks against the royal blue canvas. It’s like stars in the night sky.

Lapis Lazuli

I love gemstones because they embody many wonderful metaphysical properties and I keep them close at hand to remind me to focus on the qualities I want to embrace in my life. The Lapis Lazuli holds great significance for me because it’s all about communication, creativity, and self-expression. For me, the lapis lazuli also emits an energy of transformation because change can’t happen until you start speaking your truth.

This video is the first of a series where I’ll be talking about my fascination with crystals and gemstones and sharing the jewells of my collection.

Video: the Call of the Lapis Lazuli with extra photos

Here’s the transcript from the video:

Hi, my name is Maria Koropecky and I’m a coach, healer, and author and the owner of Homespunspa Mobile Spa. Today I’d like to talk about the hero’s journey.

Have you ever read a book or watched a movie or heard a story that was so riveting and exciting that you couldn’t wait to find out what happens next? Well, it was probably about someone on a hero’s or heroine’s journey.

These stories are timeless and they appeal to people across cultures and generations and they have certain things in common like a call to adventure and meeting with a mentor and encountering other supernatural characters. Then the hero goes through a series of trials and then there’s a big showdown and then the hero wins and then goes back home to the ordinary world to share the treasure with others.

Stories like Star Wars, The Odyssey, and the Alchemist…

There’s something about these stories that resonate deeply within us because hero’s journeys are not just for characters in epic novels. We’re all on our own journey of self-discovery and adventure. We’re all heros and heroines in our own lives.

Unfortunately, sometimes life gets in the way, and we get distracted, and we procrastinate, and we put those dreams on hold indefintely.

Well, today’s the today for you to take those dreams and yourself off the shelf.

As a coach, healer, and author, I help sensitive and creative introverts – people who like to spend time alone – but who are also hearing a call to service or adventure – work through reluctance and resitance, so they feel empowered to move further along their hero’s journey and ultimately transform their lives, fullfill their mission, and share the elixir they’ve found with the rest of the world.

I can relate because I’m an introvert, too.

Perhaps you’re at a place in life where:

  1. You’re in transition and are thinking about the next chapter in your life; or
  2. You feel like adventure is calling or like you’re being called to service or you just feel like you need to get yourself out there in the world and you’re tired of settling for mediocre but don’t know your next steps; or
  3. You’re looking for a transformational experience that will catapult you on to your hero’s or heroine’s journey.

I want you to get out of the audience and into the play and get off the sidelines and get in the game and feel what it’s like to be authentically alive, while still maintaining the best of what it means to be an introvert. The world needs introverts and here’s your chance to expand your reach.

I want you to be excited about what happens next in your life and coaching is the ticket to getting your whole life to change.

Every hero needs a coach. Just look at Luke Skywalker and Yoda!

In my short story ebook, “The Call of the Lapis Lazuli,” I tell the story of my own journey when I first met with my mystical mentor, my Guardian Angel, before I was born, to inspire my readers to consider their own life’s purpose and potential and calling, and if you’re interested, you can find my ebook on Amazon.

Mt. Baker

The photo above that I took of Mt. Baker is the cover and here’s the inspiration for the story, [see top photo] my lapis lazuli. Isn’t it wonderful?

The Lapis Lazuli holds great significance for me because it’s all about communication, creativity, and self-expression and this video is the first of a series where I’ll be talking about my fascination with crystals and gemstones and sharing the jewells of my collection.

If you want my help to transform your life and experience the hero’s journey first hand, please contact me, Maria, and we’ll set up a time to chat. It would be my joy to walk beside you on your journey.

To get the ball rolling, sign up for a free, 30-minute “Transform your life” coaching consultation apppointment with me.

and we’ll work together to…

* Create a crystal clear vision for your ultimate life so you know exactly what you want, where you’re headed, and what you need to do to make it happen.

* Uncover hidden challenges that may be slowing down your progress in your ability to make positive changes that last.

* And you’ll leave our coaching sessions feeling renewed, re-energized, and inspired to finally achieve the transformation you seek, once and for all.

Transformation is possible.

Please contact me and book your “Transform Your Life” session and let’s get you on that hero’s journey! You can find me at I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Consider Saying Yes to Yourself

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Say yes to yourself workshop.For more information about this workshop, please email Carol @ or Maria @ We’d love to answer any questions you may have.

And guess what! We’re having a SALE! Tickets are now $175!

by Maria Koropecky, Wellness Coach

Master Improvisor Tina Fey said, “Say yes and you’ll figure it out afterwards.” Saying “yes” and “yes and” are mighty pillars of improv.

Starting with “yes and” is energizing and empowering. In improv, “yes ands” get you unstuck and move the scenes foward. Suddenly trust and safety show up, giving creativity a chance to blossom, while things like negativity and resistance leave the room. The same philosophy can be applied to real life, too, and a big “yes” can move you forward toward the life of your dreams.

Saying yes is exhiliarating!

Did you know that the word “yes” is the most powerful word in any language? Have you ever thought how people would respond to you if you most often said “yes” rather than the dreary “no”? Have you ever considered what it would be like to say an enthusiastic “yes” to yourself when opportunity comes knocking? Do you remember a moment when you said “yes” and what experiences unfolded from there? What would saying “yes” make available to you?

Say yes to yourself workshop.

Join us for our Say Yes to Yourself workshop on April 9, 2016 in Victoria, BC.

Saying “yes” can have a huge impact on your life and I’m delighted to announce that I’ve partnered with my friend and mentor, Carol Vickers, leadership coach and faciliator at the Rayner Institute, and we are collaborating to bring an energetic and playful workshop to Victoria called, “Say Yes to Yourself.”

Our “Say YES to Yourself” workshop is on Saturday, April 9, 2016 from 9am to 4pm at Regus Victoria – The Atrium, #300-800 Yates Street @ Blanshard, in Victoria, BC. To register, please click on our Eventbrite page.

The idea for this workshop started from my own “Yes” — although at the time, I had no idea what my original yes would lead to. Funny how life works and I’m thrilled at how things are turning out. If you’re curious to hear the story of how I first met Carol, please read my blog post, “How I found out about the Rayner Institute” but this story picks up from there.

I was humming and hawing for months about whether or not to sign up for coaching training at the Rayner Institute so Carol and I met for coffee at Habit (auspiciously located at the Atrium, the venue of our workshop) to discuss my options and Carol offered a suggestion. She described her relationship with her grandson and she says “yes” to him every chance she gets. She invited me to say “yes” to myself for the rest of the day to see how that feels. It was quite a foreign concept to me at the time but I really appreciated having a little breathing space from the excuses that were holding me back.

Looking back to that conversation with Carol a year ago, I shudder to think where I’d be now if I had said “no” instead. I’m so glad I said “yes” to the coaching training and to co-presenting this workshop with Carol!

In essence, the workshop is about finding your voice and during the day, we will be looking at your future and imagining it from a safe place where you are ready to say “YES” to all of the opportunities and possibilities in front of you.

“Being safe is the shortest distance between you and yes.” ~ Mark Rayner

When you are able to say “yes” from a place of self-acceptance, self-awareness, and knowing that you are enough, you can move mountains!

Henry David Thoreau wrote, “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.” Carol and I are inviting you to spend the day with us so you can ultimately have what you need to fully and loudly sing your song.

Because this is a workshop, we have a few hands-on and interactive activities planned for you including learning easy ways to open your Throat Chakra, (the energy center for creativity and self-expression), creating your own vision board (either collaging the old school way or online via Pinterest), sharing stories over a catered, working lunch, and games such as:

The Improv Game of “Yes and…”

The focus of the game is to learn the basics of “Yes and” because “Yes and” is the foundation for all of improvisation.

The rules are really easy. Players stand in a circle. The first player makes a simple statement. The second player then says, “Yes, and…” and adds a detail of sorts to the first statement. The game continues around the circle with each player adding to the story until it reaches a conclusion.

Our Say Yes to Yourself workshop is for anyone who is tired of feeling numb, silent, and lonely, and who has stifled their own voice and has kept quiet to not make any waves, all the while knowing that there’s got to be something more, that they have something more to offer, that they have something important to say. We have the freedom to express oursleves in this country so let’s embrace it. This workshop is a chance for you to awaken your voice, and share yourself, and make a positive difference, and feel more alive!

Our intention is to create a space and a community where participants can find their authentic voice, feel free to be who they are, feel empowered to share their talents, gifts, creativity, and ideas, and express themselves wholeheartedly in this world. We want to remind you that you really do matter and you are enough already. We also want to see big smiles across your faces and see your eyes light up!

We are excited to hold this event in the beautiful Atrium office building located in the heart of Victoria’s central business district.  No need to stop at Timmy’s along the way because we’ve included coffee and refreshments for the breaks as well as a lovely lunch.

So save the date: Saturday, April 9, 2016 from 9am to 4pm for the “Say YES to Yourself” workshop at Regus Victoria – The Atrium, #300-800 Yates Street @ Blanshard, Victoria, BC, Canada, V8W 0B6 presented by Carol and Maria.

Just say “yes” and come play with us!

For more information about this workshop, please email Carol @ or Maria @ We’d love to answer any questions you may have.

And guess what! We’re having a SALE! Tickets are now $175!

To register for our Say Yes to Yourself workshop, please click on our Eventbrite page. Thank you for your interest and we’re looking forward to meeting you in person and hearing the big “YESSES” in your life.

How to use the Acceptance Factor to shift conflicting subconscious beliefs

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by Maria Koropecky, Wellness Coach

Shifting subconscious beliefs is one of the many benefits of life coaching.

A belief, as defined in the Collins English Dictionary, is “a principle, proposition, idea, etc., accepted as true.” We all have thousands of beliefs running behind the scenes through our mind and we’ve been collecting them from other people, personal experiences, and other sources, all our lives.

The belief can be anything from “I’m loveable” or “I’m not loveable” to “I don’t belong here” or “I feel safe here” to “I’m too old/too young/too this/too that to make this work,” etc., etc and these beliefs shape our experiences and perceptions and have a profound influence on the way our life plays out.

Although beliefs carry a lot of weight, they often sit outside of our conscious awareness. They’re really sneaky and slippery and we may not be able to put our finger on them so easily.

But as soon as we identify and become consciously aware of our subconscious beliefs, we can work with them and get them onboard with our new life plans because the good news is, beliefs are not carved in stone. Beliefs don’t necessarily have to be true and it’s entirely possible to challenge, change, tweak, update, clear, delete, and dissolve our beliefs, if we want to.

But what if our beliefs conflict with each other? What if we have one that’s positive and empowering and two more that are negative and defeating, all attached to and surrounding the same goal?

For example, I recently saw an interview with a woman who was at one time on the top of her game and now, twenty years later, is out of work and living in an infested trailor. She has also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder which can take a person’s mood from extreme highs (mania) to extreme lows (depression). I found it interesting that such a high achiever would end up falling so hard but it occurred to me that the extreme bipolar conditions in her mind were literally manifesting as extreme situations in her life on both ends of the spectrum, (depending on which side was running the show at the time).

I’ve been working intensely with my own beliefs lately as a means to help me be a better coach for my clients and I’ve realized that I also hold some contradictory beliefs about some things and that would explain why I’ve had mixed results and my own struggles in achieving some of my life goals so far. My conflicting and contradictory beliefs have been working against each other. As a Gemini and as someone with the Life Path #2 in Numerology, I can often see both sides of the same coin and I sometimes get confused about what to do next. Confusion does not create movement.

So I Googled “how do I get rid of contradictory subconscious beliefs” and I found this article The Saboteur Within — Why You Don’t Have What You Really Want by Dr. Robert Anthony. It made a lot of sense to me. The author said that if your subconscious mind says one thing but your conscious mind says another, they’re out of alignment which causes negativity and it’s that negative emotion that keeps people from reaching their goals. It’s the negativity that fuels the engine and negativity won’t lead to the intended destination of our imagined future.

So I got to thinking. Say I simultaneously believe that 1) I’m unloveable (negative) and 2) I’m a good catch (positive) when it comes to my dream of falling in love and getting married.

The math says: The negative belief (-) times the positive belief (+) = a negative (-) result.

If my beliefs are mostly negative, it means I’m sending mixed messages to my self and the Universe and I’m infusing all of my dreams with a negative vibe from the get-go! — No wonder I haven’t yet been able to find a date, let alone get married, even if I do think I’m a good catch!

I’ve realized, I can either uncover one belief at a time and work with it and challenge it and question it — which can work. But for me, even if I do manage to pry one belief out of the system, there are still many that go untouched and I don’t know if I can ever dismantle all of them completely.

There has to be a simpler way and the trick is to neutralize the negative charge out of the beliefs and therefore the equation/formula.

The answer is to take the negative energy out of the picture entirely!

If we eliminate the fear, shame, doubt, negativity, resistance, judgement, drama, etc., etc., from our thinking, then we can have, do, or be whatever we want!

But how do we diffuse the negativity?

When working with subconscious beliefs, we can also throw another variable into the equation and get the job done perhaps even more elagantly than one belief at a time. The answer is “Acceptance.”

Acceptance can take care of a whole cluster of beliefs all at once!

Here’s how to use the Acceptance Factor to shift conflicting subconscious beliefs:

The acceptance factor

The Acceptance Factor

Acceptance is about being OK with our reality, as it is, no matter what’s going on, right here and right now.

Also, acceptance doesn’t allow for hiding or denial because it acknowledges what is and brings things to the light of day.

Acceptance is being able to say, “It just is what it is,” “they are who they are” and “I just am who I am.”

Acceptance is also a key phrase in the Serenity Prayer.

And even if we still somehow didn’t get what we wanted once we have wholeheartedly accepted ourself, someone else, and/or the situation, acceptance makes where we are easier.

If we don’t accept what is, we suffer. If we keep on resisting, we’ll continue to create what we’re resisting over and over again in our future.

Likewise, if we can take out of the negativity and resistance and accept ourself, others, and the situation, (all of it, not just the pretty parts) all of a sudden, the negative charge gets neutralized and everything calms down and becomes lighter.

The new math equation says: [The negative belief (-) times the positive belief (+)] + Acceptance (A) = a neutral (0).

The negative charge loses it’s power and we can create from, at minimum, a place of neutral, which is way better than digging ourselves out of a hole of negativity.

Suddenly, the path will open up and we are now able to jump off a new platform!

So, how do we get to a place of acceptance? Start with being grateful and then move toward feeling safer in this world. The safer we are, the more we can accept what is.

Coaching can help, too. As a coach, I know how to structure a conversation and ask thoughtful questions and I’ll walk with you as you move toward authentic acceptance.

If you’re interested in getting help with your subconscious beliefs and reaching a place of acceptance and feeling safe, hire a coach like me. Talking with a coach will not only help you uncover hidden subconscious beliefs that may be lurking in your mind, coaching conversations will remove them from your path. On top of that, coaching will also help you reach a place of acceptance, OKness and feeling safe which will create a better future in the process.

See what acceptance opens up for you!

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