What is a Holistic Practitioner?

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by Maria Koropecky, Homespunspa Owner

On my Homespunspa Mobile Spa business card it says, “Maria Koropecky, Owner, Holistic Practitioner, & Speaker, based in Victoria, BC, Canada.”

You may be asking, “What does Holistic Practitioner mean, exactly?”

Go ahead and watch my video or continue reading the post below to find my answer.

Well, in a nutshell, the job title of “Holistic Practitioner,” also known as “holistic healer” or “holistic health practitioner” or “wholistic – with a w – practitioner,” refers to a person who works in the health and wellness field, who considers the “whole” person (in other words, the body, mind and spirit) in their treatment plan, rather than just the physical symptoms.

Holistic practitioners understand that the body, mind and spirit are interconnected. We focus on the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual dimensions of a person in tandem when treating our clients’ health concerns.

I find it interesting that the word, “Holistic” starts with the sound, “holy” and one of the definitions of “holy” is “having a spiritually pure quality.”

I doubt the words “holistic” and “holy” are actually related, but there is a spiritual element involved in many holistic therapies, so I like to think they are.

You’ll find Holistic Practitioners in spas, health clinics, resorts, retreat centres, wellness centres, hair salons, and cruise ships or they might be running their own business like me.

We use a variety of techniques and therapies to compliment, not replace, traditional or conventional medicine.

Some holistic health care modalities include: acupressure, aromatherapy, herbology, hypnotherapy, nutrition, personal training, reflexology, and Reiki to name just a few out of hundreds.

Personally, on my business card, I could have written, “esthetician, massage therapist, energy healer and soon-to-be NLP coach,” but I think “Holistic Practitioner” is a neat and tidy umbrella term for all that I have to offer.

I consider myself a holistic practitioner because when I give someone a pedicure for example, I’m not just giving a pedicure. I’m also helping you relax, manage stress and balance your energy.

Having your feet look better is great, a fresh coat of polish can do wonders, but I’m hoping that not only will you look better, you’ll also feel better too.

Regardless of our individual training and scope of practice, holistic practitioners support their clients toward optimal wellness.

I hope that helps clarify what holistic practitioner means. Next time we’ll talk about “what to look for in a great holistic practitioner.”

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