Laverbread: A Tasty Seaweed Surprise!

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by Annie Waterman, Guest Blogger

Whenever I think of seaweed, I think of Laver. Laver is a type of edible seaweed and it’s very good for you. It’s famous for its dark purple colour and has a high content of minerals such as Iodine and Iron, so it’s great for your dietary system. Why am I telling you all this? Well, my grandmother grew up in Wales, where Laver is commonly found in abundance. This means that Laverbread made regular appearances on the dinner table when I was growing up. Laverbread is a traditional Welsh delicacy and despite its name, it actually has none of the properties of normal bread! To make Laverbread, you boil the seaweed (or Laver) for several hours until you have a jelly-like paste which you shape into blocks and then leave to cool. This paste is then rolled in oatmeal (creating a kind of cake-like patty) and fried like bacon and sausages, but nowhere near as tasty. It is, however, considerably better for you.

Richard Burton famously once referred to Laverbread as “Welshman’s Caviar.” I have to say, I disagree! When I was growing up, I absolutely hated this slimy monstrosity, which was served up with breakfast at least once a month. Now though, whenever I eat it, (which is much less often than I did when I was a child, I must admit) I think fondly of my grandmother. And I even enjoy the taste of laverbread now — I think it’s because I appreciate the nutritional properties of it, as well as because of nostalgia. And occasionally I insist that my own children try it too — for it’s healthy properties and because it’s a part of their cultural heritage. For something that’s so good for you, it tastes better than you would expect!

According to Eco Store USA, the dietary possibilities of seaweed are endless. They state that seaweed is brimming with valuable nutritional goodness and it is a massively versatile super food. You can add it to salads, pasta and dessert — they even recommend a recipe that incorporates seaweed into a Christmas Pudding! I’m sure my grandma would be delighted to know now that modern science has proven she was right — eating all that seaweed in my Laverbread really was good for me!

Other Uses For Seaweed

seaweed on the beach

Seaweed is a highly nutritious ingredient for all of your home spa recipes. Grab a fork and dig in!

Of course when you think of seaweed, your first thought definitely isn’t of eating it. When you ask most people what they associate with seaweed, they are likely to say having a seaweed wrap at their local spa. A seaweed wrap is a spa treatment that uses concentrated sea water and seaweed to create a paste that is covered all over the body. Once the paste is applied, the body is wrapped in warm towels and you are left for up to an hour to relax. A seaweed wrap is such a popular spa treatment because it really works — once you rinse off the seaweed paste, you see the effects of it almost immediately! Your skin is clean and nourished and left feeling smooth and supple. The nutrients in the seaweed help to remove any toxins from your skin. Some beauty specialists believe that having a seaweed wrap can help with weight loss and can also help to reduce the visibility of cellulite, too.

Seaweed Body Wrap Recipe

If you don’t like visiting spas, don’t worry, you can actually make your own seaweed body wrap at home. You can use powdered seaweed (which can be found at your local health food store) to create the wrap. Simply mix the seaweed powder with enough water to create a thick paste. I would recommend starting with a small amount of water and just adding more as needed (because it’s easier to add extra water than it is to take any excess away). Then add three spoonful’s of olive oil, and three spoonful’s of an essential oil. I would recommend lavender essential oil because it makes the paste smell so lovely. Apply the mixture to your body and cover yourself in a sheet. Then after 30 minutes, simply rinse away the paste and marvel at the incredible results! Just remember to keep a glass of water to hand when you apply your wrap, to ensure you replace any fluids lost as you’re flushing the toxins from your body and you’re ready to go. I can’t imagine what my grandma would say if she knew I’d started wearing seaweed in the bath, as well as willingly eating it!

Annie Waterman combines being a freelance writer with being a full-time writer. She enjoys learning about new recipes and also how to make the planet greener. When not writing, she enjoys being taken for walks by her English setters.

Homespunspa is Featured in Spa Life Magazine

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by Maria Koropecky, Homespunspa owner
Spa Life Magazine, Home Is Where The Spa Is

Spa Life Magazine, Home Is Where The Spa Is

As many of you know, earlier this year, I went to Toronto, Ontario on a Wellness Tour and one of the highlights, definitely, was when I was approached, out of the blue, by Lauren Nesbitt-Baggerman for an interview in Spa Life Magazine.

Of course, I said “Yes, I’d love to be featured in your magazine.” What a lovely, unexpected opportunity.

Lauren was working on an article for their upcoming Romance edition and wanted to introduce her readers to the beauty of mobile spas.  She specifically wanted to know, “What is the benefit of at home spa treatments and how does Homespunspa deliver spa treatments for couples.”

At that time, Valentine’s Day was just around the corner and it was easy for me to answer her questions. If you’d like to know my answers, please click on the accompanying image — I’m first up in the article. Alternatively, you can download a pdf copy of the article, “Home is where the spa is, mobile spas come to you,” at  SpaLife-Romance2013-HomeisWheretheSpaIs.

I love doing interviews. I love connecting with people and sharing information and having great conversations. If you’d like to arrange an interview with me like Lauren did about mobile spas, esthetics and/or wellness for your magazine, book, blog, radio show, tv show, youtube video and the like, please send me an email and I’d be happy to chat.

Spa Life Magazine is published by Harworth Publishing in Guelph Ontario. Thank you, Lauren, for the great article.

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